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For Sale

Following is a list of the airplanes and equipment that I have for sale:

RC Airplanes and ancillary equipment for sale.

1.) Bridi Dirty Birdy 0.65 RC Aiplane
     a.) Never Flown built from a short kit.
     b.) Futaba FASST 8 channel Sbus receiver.
     c.) Six Futaba Servos.  Metal gear servo for rudder.
     d.) Dual Elevator Servos.
     e.) Dual Aileron Servos.
     f.) Pull/Pull setup for rudder.
     f.) New (never run) O.S. 65X engine.
2.) Great Planes Avistar Elite.
     a.) OS 46X II (run only for break in).
     b.) Seven Futaba Servos.
      c.) Dual Aileron servos.
     d.) Two Flap Servos.
     e.) Futaba 7 Channel FASST receiver.
3.) Futaba 14SG FASST Transmitter.
4.) Reaktor 120 DUO Balance Battery Charger (NiCD, NiMH, LiPo, Lead acid)
5.) Wing Building Jig
6.) Prop Balancer.
7.) Dead Center Tool
8.) Trim Covering.
9.) Field Box.
     a.) APC Props (10×6, 12×5, 12×6 and 13×8.
     b.) Sullivan Hi-Tork Starter
     c.) Power Panel
      d.) Fuel Pump
     e.) Metric and inch hex sets.
     f.) Glo-Plug igniter.
     g.) Hobico Digital Voltmeter.
10.) Field Stand for Dirty Birdy.
11.) Miscellaneous balsa and plywood.
12.) Sullivan Gold-N-Rods.
13.) Dubro Flex Cable.
14.) Various Wheels, Spinners, Wiring, Servo Mounts, Servo Arms, 4-40 threaded Push Rods, 4-40 Clevises, etc.
15.) Hangar 9 Heat Gun and Iron.
16.) Proton Trim Sealer.
17.) Prop Reamer.

Willing to sell items separately.

Cash, PayPal or Zelle only.
Members may come over to my house to view the items.

 I have pictures of everything, but I cannot send in a single email. 

 Tom Spenader


The Imperial RC Club is always looking for financial help. If you would like to help out, please consider a donation to the club.