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For Sale

For Sale or Partial Trades of any kind, guns, whatever...

Custom Freewing Stinger 90mm plane used $200

90mm JetFan V3 9 blade with HET 700-68-1680kv 8s 2-4s in series $400

Castle 130a 8s ESC $200

2 Turnigy DMC 809 coreless MC MG BB 3.8kg in elevator $40

Carbon fiber nose cone $25

Decals $60

Custom aluminum tail thrust tube with 15% FSA

1 Trim flight on 8s 135mph no dive

Over 30 man hours on this elite Stinger

Over $900 invested, not including time

See Chris “Speed” Trumble with any offers, questions or trade possibilities.

Test flight available

(863) 899-9072

The Imperial RC Club is always looking for financial help. If you would like to help out, please consider a donation to the club.