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Learn To Fly!

AMA “Intro Pilot Program”

So you think you might be interested in flying radio controlled planes but still not 100% sure. Fortunately, The Imperial Radio Control Club has several AMA licensed Intro-Pilot Instructors. This license allows us to take you up in the air a couple times without any upfront cost to you to “get your feet wet” and allow you to decide if you want to take on this fantastic hobby. We will supply the plane and fun, you just show up. Of course, if you decide it is for you and you decide to join the club and AMA, we always have a group of instructors ready to continue on with your flight lessons. We will see you through until you are an ace. Many instructors even have their own flight training planes they are willing to use or bring yours if you have one! All the instructors are also great advisors on what to buy and not buy so pick their brains, they want you to start the right way as much as you do.

Still not sure!  Come on out to the field and take a test flight or just bring the family out to watch, we always welcome visitors.



Our list of instructors below are ready and eager to work with ALL new pilots both the young and the young at heart!

Chief Flight Instructor – Jeff Hughes
(863) 393-5392

Please email or text first!

Flight Instructor – David DeWitt
(863) 838-4459

1st Saturday of Month

Flight Instructor – Kevin Pazda
(863) 211-6774

2nd Saturday of Month

Flight Instructor – Jim Giallombardo
(863) 205-3854

3rd Saturday of Month

Flight Instructor – Drew Powell
(863) 258-7416

When at Field

Flight Instructor – Larry Odom
(863) 944-0954

When at Field

Advanced Flight & Aerobatic Instructor – Jerry McGhee

Contact Jeff Hughes for scheduling