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AS3X and SAFE installation and use

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I am currently building a Glow powered Flybaby and the receiver I have is a Spektrum AR636. It turns out that this receiver can be made to use SAFE technology as well as using the standard AS3X technology. Not only that but I can selectively turn off AS3X so that the airplane is using flight characteristics as God would have wanted. But this plane is too dear to me to allow that to happen so I have the works! I was wondering if AS3X and SAFE only applied to electric airplanes but it turns out it works with gas planes as well.

The learning curve has been steep. I have used it on bind and fly planes from Horizon Hobby since I restarted flying again. Unfortunately, it hasn't prevented some damage to some of my planes, but it would have been worse without.

I came across some really great information on along with these great resources:

Spektrum Programmer Software:

USB Programming Cable:

The SAFE Model Builder Program:‐Modify‐Settings‐on‐an‐AR636‐

And lastly the Ultimate Guide to Installing AR636 with SAFE.pdf (see attached)

For those interested in this technology, happy flights and safe landings!

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