Ron Mckie

AMA is Landing On Mars?!

On this episode of AMA Air, Matt Ruddick and Lee Ray talked about the connection that the Academy of Model Aeronautics has to Perseverance, the Mars Rover. Also, April is National Volunteer Month, and Matt and Lee shared how you can volunteer at an event near you! You can also find out how to go to the National Aeromodeling Championships (Nats) for FREE! And last but not least, Matt revealed the April Club of the Month! All that and more on this episode of AMA Air!

Events, FAA Testing, and an Exclusive Podcast!

AMA Government Affairs Director Tyler Dobbs joined Matt for the March 1 episode of AMA Air. Tyler shares some details that were just released about the Aeronautical Safety and Knowledge Test. Matt and Tyler share a few events happening around the country and let you know how to find out the current status of events in your area. Plus, learn how you can unlock an exclusive episode of The AMA Podcast! All that and more on this episode of AMA Air!

RC Roundtable Has Taken Over AMA Air!

The RC Roundtable Podcast has gained access to AMA Air and taken over this episode! Join Fitz Walker, Terry Dunn, and Lee Ray to learn about new and returning AMA programs and where you can find the latest information about Remote ID. The RC Roundtable guys also hack into Jay Smith’s files to share a sneak peek of Model Aviation’s February issue, which is now available for digital subscribers!

Take Off and Grow with the AMA Foundation

The AMA Foundation along with AMA leadership is pleased to welcome representatives from the Capital Area Radio Drone Squadron, who are recipients of the AMA Take Off and Grow grant for 2020. Join us as we discuss the club’s story and how they utilized this grant to support and enhance their educational and outreach efforts!

Reminder: FAA Registration

AMA Air Executive Producer Dillon Carpenter will join Matt as a guest host for this episode in which they will cover a variety of topics ranging from FAA Registration, the 2020 MultiGP Drone Racing Championship, the Stratolaunch, and more!