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About Imperial R/C Club

Imperial R/C Club (IRCC) is an Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) chartered, non-profit club dedicated to the radio controlled model aircraft hobby and is open to anyone interested in model aviation.  We are currently located on Highway 60 in Mulberry, Florida. Imperial R/C Club is a recreational, community oriented, radio controlled aircraft flying club that provides members and visiting AMA registered individuals with a local, secure radio controlled flying site.  Our current membership includes residents throughout Polk County and surrounding communities. Imperial R/C Club was started in 1969.  At that time, the club was located at the Old Bartow Airbase.  Around the early 1980’s, the club flying site was moved to our current location on Highway 60 in Mulberry, Florida.  The club’s main purposes are promoting, education, advancement and safeguarding of remote control modeling activities. Imperial R/C Club invites visitors to our club to watch and partake in flying activities.  We have AMA approved instructors to train new pilots.  Imperial R/C Club hosts several events at our field each year to promote flying activities and support local business through assistance with International Flying events and bringing outside visitors to the greater Lakeland/Polk County area.


Don't Forget To Lock The Gate!

Today, Friday January 14, 2022, the gate was left open and unlocked.  It is mandatory that the last person out close and lock the gate at the Imperial RC Club.  There were non IRCC members on the field when this was discovered by an IRCC member.  The non-members were removed, and the gate was closed and locked.

This is unsatisfactory behavior by an IRCC member, thankfully, this is an infrequent occurrence as most members of the IRCC adhere to the rule to close and lock the gate when they’re the last one out.  This is imperative that we keep the gate closed and locked when we are not there to provide security for our field, runway, and equipment. 

Please close and lock the gate behind you if you are the last one out.  There is a sign reminding the last person out to close and lock the gate, therefore, there are no excuses for this lapse in security for our flying club. 

Thank you,

Jerry McGhee 


It seems that we have gotten a Phishing attack against one of our members. Be SURE to contact the individual personally to ensure that the emails are legit. These attacks have been soliciting money! BE CAUTIOUS AND BEWARE.

You can now join or renew your IRCC membership via PayPal. If you would like to make a financial donation to the club, please go to the Membership Information page.

IRCC Safety Start Up Procedure for Electric Powered Aircraft

  1. Insure area around aircraft is clear of spectators.
  2. Turn on Transmitter, engage Throttle Cut.
  3. Insert and plug in battery.
  4. Adjustments to aircraft allowed only with propeller removed.
  5. Absolutely no motors are to be run in the shelter area.
  6. Carry aircraft to taxi way with the Throttle Cut still engaged.
  7. Proceed with flight.
  8. After landing, taxi to yellow line, reduce throttle to ero, engage Throttle Cut
  9. Return aircraft to shelter, unplug aircraft battery.
  10. Turn off Transmitter