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Ian Keeping The Strings Tight  


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07/01/2020 9:30 am  

Sometimes we take for granted all the things we've got going for us here at IRCC. I mean, how many other places have a paved runway, a place for drones/helis AND a place for the almost-lost art of control-line flying?

A while back, Ian Clark wanted to get a full-sky, 360-degree view of the horizon, so he brought out his control line setup. I tried this MANY years ago and figured that I'm dizzy enough! But, guys like Ian make it look easy.

The plane is a Top Flite, Flite Streak powered by a control-line version of the LA 25. The little bushed engine did pretty good on fuel, and Ian spent what seemed like most of the morning waiting for the fuel tank to empty out! Lol.

I just think that it's pretty cool that we have so many options to fly in one spot.

20191207 090715 HDR
20191207 085226 HDR
20191207 085211