This is a link to the Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) that the FAA is proposing. Comments MUST be submitted no later than March 2nd.

Getting mad/profane,etc. will not help out cause. Please DO NOT sign your comment submission as “Anonymous.” Anonymous comments are discarded and not counted by the FAA. If you’re not proud of your comment then it’s best not to submit one at all!

When you make your comments, explain how they will affect our hobby, how our hobby has affected career choices. 

A Letter from the AMA

Dear Members,
On December 26, 2019, the FAA released a proposed rule for remote identification (Remote ID) of UAS. There are several areas of concern with the proposed rule that AMA will push back against, and we need your help advocating for change.
Although the proposal does include AMA’s request to exempt fixed flying sites, the rule should also provide community-based organizations (CBOs), such as AMA, more flexibility to establish and maintain fixed flying sites that satisfy Remote ID compliance.

Second, the rule should create a pathway for Remote ID compliance at AMA events and competitions, which might not take place at fixed flying sites. Third, the rule should better accommodate operations not at flying sites to include situations where there is no internet connectivity, because many safe places to fly are in rural areas with little or no service. Finally, the rule should not require modelers to register every aircraft individually.

The FAA is accepting comments on the Remote ID proposal until March 2, 2020. We have requested an extension to the comment period to give everyone more time to weigh in. To help us achieve the best possible outcome on the final rule, it is critically important that all who support the hobby submit a comment.
Please submit a formal comment to the FAA as soon as possible.
To submit a comment, go to the Remote ID proposal page on the federal website here. Click on the “SUBMIT A FORMAL COMMENT” button at the top of the page. You can copy and paste the template into the comment box, edit it to include your personal experience, or create your own message entirely. Complete the form and click on the “SUBMIT COMMENT” button at the end. Please note that comments and information provided are public knowledge.

Thank you in advance for your advocacy. Please listen to The AMA Podcast featuring Director of Government Affairs Tyler Dobbs to learn more about the recent regulations. If you are interested in reading a more detailed summary of the FAA’s Remote ID proposal, visit our blog here.

This is a link to the AMA’s template letters that you can use to respond to the FAA re: the current NPRM.

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