About Imperial R/C Club

About Imperial R/C Club

Imperial R/C Club (IRCC) is an Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) chartered, non-profit club dedicated to the radio controlled model aircraft hobby and is open to anyone interested in model aviation.  We are currently located on Highway 60 in Mulberry, Florida. Imperial R/C Club is a recreational, community oriented, radio controlled aircraft flying club that provides members and visiting AMA registered individuals with a local, secure radio controlled flying site.  Our current membership includes residents throughout Polk County and surrounding communities. Imperial R/C Club was started in 1969.  At that time, the club was located at the Old Bartow Airbase.  Around the early 1980’s, the club flying site was moved to our current location on Highway 60 in Mulberry, Florida.  The club’s main purposes are promoting, education, advancement and safeguarding of remote control modeling activities. Imperial R/C Club invites visitors to our club to watch and partake in flying activities.  We have AMA approved instructors to train new pilots.  Imperial R/C Club hosts several events at our field each year to promote flying activities and support local business through assistance with International Flying events and bringing outside visitors to the greater Lakeland/Polk County area.

The FAA has a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) that could affect our hobby DRAMATICALLY!


Call your Congressman, Senator to tell them your concerns over this rule. Have them talk to the FAA

This NPRM is 300 pages long so it makes it challenging to read it in depth, so here are some highlights.

  • 400' Altitude Restriction
  • Transponder Requirements
  • Written test

400' Altitude Restriction...

That is just the beginning! It’s not just altitude, it’s  a 400′ foot box! Top, bottom, and laterally!


If you fly a Drone, this will affect you the most, but don’t be lulled, our planes will be next!

Written Test

We will have to take a written test to be able to fly our planes and if you don’t pass… you can’t fly!

For more information check out the AMA/FAA page...

More to come…


TOP GUN 2020

It appears that we will require one or two Flight Judges to Top Gun

One guy for 3 days one one for 2 days.

If anyone is interested, AND feels Qualified, please contact me, Frank Tiano via E-mail: frank@franktiano.com 

SAE Manpower needed.

David DeWitt is working the field ops portion of the SAE 2020 Aero competition. They need a number of volunteers. They would mainly be looking for your volunteers to do positions that require knowledge of RC Aircraft and have flying experience. Here is a listing of the positions that they will need volunteers for:

Friday 3/6

    • Aircraft Inspections: 15 people (experienced pilots preferred)

Sat 3/7 and Sun 3/8

    • Runway Flaggers: 5 people (experienced pilots preferred)
    • Aircraft Inspections: 4 people (experienced pilots preferred)
    • Flight Stewards-: 15-20 people

Please Contact David DeWitt – Benz425@aol.com

How to post pictures to the forum

New functionality has been added to the forum. Go to the IRCC website >>Forum >>Website/Forum Suggestions topic, I have posted instructions on how to imbed pictures. You need to be signed in to post (pictures or anything else).


IRCC Safety Start Up Procedure for Electric Powered Aircraft

  1. Insure area around aircraft is clear of spectators.
  2. Turn on Transmitter, engage Throttle Cut.
  3. Insert and plug in battery.
  4. Adjustments to aircraft allowed only with propeller removed.
  5. Absolutely no motors are to be run in the shelter area.
  6. Carry aircraft to taxi way with the Throttle Cut still engaged.
  7. Proceed with flight.
  8. After landing, taxi to yellow line, reduce throttle to ero, engage Throttle Cut
  9. Return aircraft to shelter, unplug aircraft battery.
  10. Turn off Transmitter

There has been some confusion about the forum section. If you have not registered recently, you are not in the system. If you look at Forum, Members, you can see if you are registered or not. If you are not a member, then go to the Forum, Registration to register.

To log in/out of the forum, go to Forum, My Account.

To place pictures into the forum topic, copy/paste the picture inline with the text. If you want to add files, go to the bottom of the topic and select ‘add a file’.

I hope this helps, if you have a problem, give me a call or email me. 

Ron McKie 410 533 3352 ronaldmckie@gmail.com


Florida Jets are comming!