About Imperial R/C Club

About Imperial R/C Club

Imperial R/C Club (IRCC) is an Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) chartered, non-profit club dedicated to the radio controlled model aircraft hobby and is open to anyone interested in model aviation.  We are currently located on Highway 60 in Mulberry, Florida. Imperial R/C Club is a recreational, community oriented, radio controlled aircraft flying club that provides members and visiting AMA registered individuals with a local, secure radio controlled flying site.  Our current membership includes residents throughout Polk County and surrounding communities. Imperial R/C Club was started in 1969.  At that time, the club was located at the Old Bartow Airbase.  Around the early 1980’s, the club flying site was moved to our current location on Highway 60 in Mulberry, Florida.  The club’s main purposes are promoting, education, advancement and safeguarding of remote control modeling activities. Imperial R/C Club invites visitors to our club to watch and partake in flying activities.  We have AMA approved instructors to train new pilots.  Imperial R/C Club hosts several events at our field each year to promote flying activities and support local business through assistance with International Flying events and bringing outside visitors to the greater Lakeland/Polk County area.


Flying Field Storm Preparation Call For Help

Looks like I’m going to do a “help needed” for Sunday afternoon to secure the field. This time all the tables can go in my trailer, which is already on site. Will make it a lot easier. As usual, all the chairs etc. can get crammed into the shed, which I will prepare tomorrow. 
Volunteers are needed for Sunday, around 2:30 – 3 pm.  Thank you.
Regards: Bill

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